13 of August

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Headlining Wasted Space .. 

Pop-Punk band 

 Run Down Washington street ..
  4-piece rock band based in Cork,

The Misdemeanours
Genre: Rock/Pop ...

 Arming Rosie
Genre: Alternative Rock... and Nu-Jazz-Fusion-Metal-Synthcore

Bone china ..  
Alternative Rock

Pop Punk

96/1 August 29 ..

I am delighted to part of the team of people butting on this unique event a  96/1 formally 100/1 .96/1 is a unique event being run in Cork City on Saturday August 29th.100 original bands/artists play on 1 night In over 30 venues in Cork City .. . When I created Playground of Dreamss it was my dream to help make Cork city a Playground for original music .. On August 29 that dream because a reality this Is truly a groundbreaking event for original music In Cork . And Could change the face of original music forever In Cork city ,giving original music a voice and the respect it deserves .... Thanks to all our
sponsors for there support !! ...

matrix-take the red pill..follow your DREAMSS life Is our PLAYGROUND !!!

The LION KING remember who you are !!

All the Worlds Religions are really the same Religion when we strip away the more superficial aspects of the Great Faith Traditions, i.e. the rules, the rituals and the regulations. Then we find that at the esoteric core of all Religion is the eternal idea that a persons ultimate and real identity is God Though God is given different names, the assertion here is that all the different labels are really referring to the same thing.I am using the word God as a general term for the ultimate i.e. the source of all being and the ground of all existence. Of course different terms and labels are used to describe God within the various religions of the world... When we examine the World's major religions, we find within them without exception the idea that a person's real identity is God.. This is the key and what all the great minds true out history have believed and practiced . The Emerald Tablet is a great example of this, and what God Is !! ..As above so below   ..

Logo Playground of Dreamss


Ive Been thinking about this for a very long time wanted it to be symbolic and have a design something that sums up everything the playground is about ..
Like Ive said from the very start the Playground of Dreamss Isn't your normal music event . The P,O,D believes above all things that Music Is the greatest Magic In the World ..And This logo speaks a thousands words !!..

Press Releases over the past year !!! .

Our Deepest Fear , My fav speech

Links to all my Passions In life ...

Drink and Draw Cork ..  My favorite  group In Cork

You Tube Channel ,playgroundofdreamss
sceitse  A sketching group mostly based in Munster ,
who go on adventures around Ireland doing art !! ..

Camden Palace ,have events there sometimes
.corkcommunityartlink. Work with them at Halloween 
P,O,D you tube channel below
You tube Playground of Dreamss

My Fav video, On YOU Tube !!!

Loud and Proud March 7

Playground of Dreamss community for original musicians .... On March 7 had a night deadicated to all things Loud and Proud .Bring together some of Corks finest Metal Acts . Thanks to all the acts who played, A spacial thanks Photographer Kevin Mulcahy..Acts ..
Headlining ,That Falling Feeling, Pethrophia,Toxic Frost , Here We Stand ,Damagegrows..,,,