March 12

Headlining ...

Lost In Mexico ..Genre: Alternative Rock .Lost In Mexico well be realising a single from there up and coming EP !! ..

Space Cake .."Cork Indie Legends”, Spacecake were first formed 20 years ago. As a bunch of fearless teenagers, they graced the stage with legendary Cork acts like The Frank and Walters and Sultans of Ping. ..

Johnny Horne Genre: Alternative Rock ...

Colin Foley .. Singer song writer
From JD&ME

Free Entry ..Over 18 


Loud and Proud !!!

Something to look forward to In march playground of dreamss, brings you the best of Cork Metal and all things loud and proud ..  Not to be missed  !!

Edge Of A Revolution

No, we won't give up, we won't go away
'Cause we're not about to live in this mass delusion
No, we don't wanna hear another word you say
'Cause we know they're all depending on mass confusion
No, we can't turn back, we can't turn away
'Cause it's time we all relied on the last solution
No, we won't lay down and accept this fate
'Cause we're standing on the edge of a revolution....



 Everything that exists vibrates, every atom, every cell, stone, plant, each being. In essence we are frequency, vibration that miraculously manifestes as matter, body, sound or color. If we stop to really look, feel, listen on a deeper level, we can contact with the essence of ourselves and everything around us.
In the eternal quest for knowing who we are and how to contact and communicate with divinity, there're many ancient traditions using sound. In the last sixty years we have begun to re-discover and integrate the power and wisdom of sound into the Western world and apply it to personal development...

NOBODY CAN GIVE YOU FREEDOM.. Say NO to water charges !!

Malcolm X ..

If we go on taking it ,noting well change, whats the worst that can happen you go jail . Look around must people are already there, with loans to the banks in a job they hate, paying taxes to a corrupted government , who solid out this country years ago !... Being free is the greatest thing In the world, never let anybody take it from you. Personal I would die ,before I would follow anything, our bow to anyone's will .A life without freedom isn't worth leaving !! ..We are all the master of our own destiny and noting well change until we all realize,  that we are change , We have noting to fear !!..... 
Personly I think anonymous are inspiring, it just goes to show what people can do if  they work together and are brave enough to do it .. 

4' October Trash Culture . Crane Lane

As part of Trash Culture Playground of Dreamss community for original music had a special night. In the Crane lane with Aidan Killian, an x-investment banker now comedian and host to LaughOutLoud @ Anseo, ’Ireland’s Best Comedy Club’ Erics award as voted by the public... Has had sold out shows all over the world, Dublin, London, Seoul, New York among many others...
Also on the night ware four original music acts, who inspired
themes of trued and revolution .Thanks to all the acts who played on the 4 of October at the Crane Lane ,Emerson, Generic One ,Fierce Mild, Audible Joes ,Aidan Killian stand up ..
A special thanks to Moray Bresnihan for butting trash culture together !! ..

There are not many groups or events who could of did what we did that night .Playing In the biggest venue In Cork talking about trued and consciousness .. Thanks for being part of the Dream

Logo Playground of Dreamss


Ive Been thinking about this for a very long time wanted it to be symbolic and have a design something that sums up everything the playground is about ..
Like Ive said from the very start the Playground of Dreamss Isn't your normal music event . The P,O,D believes above all things that Music Is the greatest Magic In the World ..And This logo speaks a thousands words !!..

The LION KING remember who you are !!

All the Worlds Religions are really the same Religion when we strip away the more superficial aspects of the Great Faith Traditions, i.e. the rules, the rituals and the regulations. Then we find that at the esoteric core of all Religion is the eternal idea that a persons ultimate and real identity is God Though God is given different names, the assertion here is that all the different labels are really referring to the same thing.I am using the word God as a general term for the ultimate i.e. the source of all being and the ground of all existence. Of course different terms and labels are used to describe God within the various religions of the world... When we examine the World's major religions, we find within them without exception the idea that a person's real identity is God.. This is the key and what all the great minds true out history have believed and practiced . The Emerald Tablet is a great example of this, and what God Is !! ..As above so below   ..

THANK YOU !! ...

2014 adventures  at Playground of Dreamss..

From the very foundation of Playground of Dreamss it was created to be something different and make a difference ..Last year  the Playground  was a great success we did what it was   created  to do . .On the 4 October we had unforgettable  experience  were we took part In a arts festival, and  Aidan killian  was our guest at Playground of Dreamss.. A stand of Comedian who style Is like Russel grant ,George Carlin ....Playground of Dreamss belongs to all the Playground community the bigger P,O,D gets the bigger we all become !! .. Over 60 acts have playing at Playground Of Dreamss many of them have played many times All types of Music have played at the Playground from jazz to Metal we have events On every month sometimes twice a month  .. At
we had our  biggest event to date with circus performers and all things wired and wonderful !! Photos on Page.. You can see some of the past  acts on the you tube channel ..Promoting original music In Cork city is like harming your head of a wail  ..But If we work together we can set things on our own terms and make a difference !!, it really is that simple .

.. Thanks very much to all the acts who  played last year at the playground and the staff  ....lost more of fun adventures planned for this Year !! ..

PS ..If anyone of the playground community  have any ideas about for  any future projects please get In touch!!.. ..Peace and love Hugh Rose